Morcilla, Sobrasada, Tongue & Papada

Acorn fed Ibérico Morcilla is made with Acorn fed Ibérico bacon and natural spices. Its proper tasting involves keeping it at room temperature, although you can also eat it cooked – fried or grilled.

Acorn fed Ibérico Sobrasada (soft spicy sausage) is made from Acorn fed Ibérico bacon, a main feature of its seasoning is a particular selection of the best natural spices. It is recommendable to spread it on a slice of hot toast when consuming.

Seasoned with a special selection of the best natural spices and slowly cured in cellars and natural drying sheds, you should cut Ibérico tongue into very fine slices and consume at a warm ambient temperature. Ibérico jowls for their part can be grilled, barbecued or fried.